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Memorial Donations

A contribution in support of compassionate, end-of-life care is a beautiful way to honour the life of our loved ones.

2017 Memorial Donations

Pauline  Abramovich

Richard and Shannon Annis

Connie Baird

Terry Bangen

Phil and Judy Barber

Sharon Barr

Bruce Beaton

Sandy Bennion

Robert and Jeannette Bickell

Margaret Bowes

Mavis and Darrell Breitkreutz

Karen Brown

Barbara and Frank Campbell

Alex and Esther Christensen

Connie Clough

Ron and Brenda Cottrell

Lyle and Alison Dalgleish

Jeff and Beth Davis

Leo and Martha Dawson

Marion and Mark Dommer

Carla Eckstrom

Charlene Eckstrom

Barry and Carol Edgar

Lance and Trudy Edgar

Robert and Ruth Finch

Rod Floen

Leslie and Adele Fraser

Pat and Muriel Garrett

Stuart and Katharine Greer

Gail and Carmen Haakstad

Frank and Lou Harbour

Alie Harmsen

Art Harmsen

Harold Harmsen

Lorne Harmsen

Richard and Anne Harpe

Carli Heath

Max Henning

Heritage Estates Homeowners Assn

Helen and Maxwell Herron

Hi Tech Leasing LTc

Roy and Linda Higginson

Edna Holte

Elizabeth Howell

Hugh and Jean Impey

Elaine Jackson

Travis and carmen Jensen

Don Johnson

Herman and Eva Klassen

Marion Knoll

Kathleen Kyhl

Jean Leany

Paul and Brenda LeBlanc

Margaret and Jim Little

Roger and Joyce Loiselle

Willaim and Irene Love

Brad and Janice Lowe

April MacDonald

Ken and Donna Mack

Laverne and David Majeau

Joyce Maple

Mary Lou and Leonard Maskell

Maxim Storage Inc

Becky McCurdy

Helen McDonald

Julene and Peter McKinney

Lorne and Ann McLeod

Donald and Donna McNally

Donna and Ken McQuaig

Jake and Shirley Meynaard

Elsie Morin

Jackie Morissette

Pat Mulcahy

Donald and Ellen Nellis

Phil and Kristina Nellis

Christine Nichols

Lorna Nordhagen

Cliff and Jeanette Nyberg

James Obniawka

Brandy andLinda Ogden

Raymond and Linda Ogden

Patricia Olson

Bernice Olufson

Tammy Ouellette

Valerie and Norman Palmer

Phyllis Parker

Ruth Petuh

Helen Pike

Rees and Eunice Powell

Alice and Wayne Ptolemy

John and Bonnie Quong

Darrell and Joan Radbourne

Jamal Rahey

Helen Reber

Marie Reichert

Ted and Christine Rorem

Valerie Rowney

Dale and Laurie Rycroft

Robert and Devina Rycroft

Barb and Rod Sandboe

Chester and Joan Sandboe

Joanne Schaal

Gottfried and Lynne Sellmer

Jon and Adeline Sepkowski

Harold and Enid Skarberg

Lavern and Irene Sorgaard

Nan and Bruce Swanston

Blaine and Donna Thomson

Randy and Theresa Uzelman

Evelyne Viens Dobish

Sons of Viking Culteral Centre

Jeanne Wagner

Simon and Jackie Wallan

Valerie Wold